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Building surveying

Building surveying is one of the widest areas of surveying practice. Chartered building surveyors are involved in all aspects of property and construction from supervising large mixed-use developments to planning domestic extensions. This varied workload can include everything from the conservation and restoration of historic buildings to contemporary new developments.

Party walls

A party wall divides the buildings of two owners with the boundary usually, but not always, positioned at the centre of the wall. The Party Wall Act 1996 recognises two forms of party walls: a wall that stands astride the boundary of land belonging to two (or more) different owners and a wall that stands wholly on one owner’s land, but is used by two (or more) owners to separate their buildings. Surveyors will be able to help identify a party wall or with any disputes, as well as any obligations to maintain and manage them.

Condition surveys

A condition survey considers the condition of a building, part of a building, estate or portfolio compared to a predetermined standard, to identify any actions necessary to bring the property up to that standard and keep it there. For owners, occupiers and managers, a condition survey identifies maintenance and repair work, and the timescale for undertaking that work, thereby permitting budgeting, the assessment of compliance and strategic planning. For investors, a condition survey serves as an audit measuring the condition of their asset, while for purchasers, such a survey assists in asset valuation by identifying repair and dilapidation liabilities.


Managing the process of planning, designing, and sometimes constructing buildings and other physical structures, surveyors or architects will be able to provide advice on use of space or building aesthetics.